About AAMT

The Australian Association of Massage Therapists Limited (AAMT) is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 2003. As the leading representative body for massage therapists nationwide with a membership 8,600 +

Our commitment is to uphold, promote and ensure the highest quality of standards in the field of massage therapy and also serve as a valuable resource for both professional massage therapists and the general public.

It is this strong commitment to protecting the public and members that has led the association and its members to high levels of recognition in the massage industry.

Serving our recognised Members

AAMT advocates high standards of ethical and professional practice and we currently self regulate our  members.

We consider individual practitioners for membership subject to formal qualifications that are defined by the Australian National Training Quality Framework and supported by the Health Training Package.

We also certify massage therapists on behalf of the profession for the benefit of consumers, health fund providers, and employers.

Serving the Public

To ensure the public receives the best quality of treatment and care, AAMT provides a free referral service to the public.

All AAMT members can be found online on the Australian Massage Directory or by contacting our national office on 1300 138 872

Vision and Mission

The objectives of AAMT are to encourage a high standard of practice, promote the profession of massage, provide rules of conduct, ethics and standards and to ensure the quality and delivery of massage training in Australia. This is demonstrated in AAMT’s Vision and Mission Statements.

AAMT developed a Vision for a future as:

“Leader of the Australian Massage Industry”

AAMT’s Mission establishes the purposes of their existence:

“To lead & support our diverse membership towards excellence in practice”