Code Of Ethics

The Code of Ethics outlines the professional conduct expected of members to preserve and enhance their professional reputations as well as the general reputation of the massage industry in Australia. It reflects the values of the AAMT and serves to protect the general public.

The Code of Ethics applies to all members of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists Ltd and must be agreed upon joining and renewed annually.

Standards of Practice

The AAMT’s Standards of Practice has been developed to assist members in evaluating and adapting the performance of their practice in accordance with the core values of the AAMT.

The Standards of Practice is designed to provide basis for critical reflection, as well as assistance with the resolution of moral and ethical issues. It is not intended to provide prescriptive solutions for any complex professional issues member therapists may face in their workplace.

Public and Member Complaints Process

Under Clause 6 (11) of the AAMT Constitution, if the Code of Ethics is breached or a member is otherwise engaged in conduct unbecoming of a member, the Board Of Directors may discipline that person.

Members of the public and AAMT members can use the AAMT Complaints Guidelines to lodge complaints against AAMT members. The Association may choose to act on a complaint or, if matters come to its attention, discipline members.

Complaints must be made on the complaints form and should be directed to:-

The Chief Executive Officer
Australian Association of Massage Therapists Ltd
Level 6, 85 Queen Street,
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

1300 138 872


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