Register as an Approved Provider

The Approved Provider Program is intended to be the highest quality in continuing education for massage therapist. Approved providers are expected meet our standards and as the profession continues to grow, so do our requirements.

In order to  increase competency and excellence in all AAMT members, CPE approved provider activities are expected to:

  •  promote professional goals related to the massage therapy industry
  • teach skills that cannot be obtained from initial or foundational massage therapy courses
  • involve emerging concepts, principles, theories and research in massage therapy, bodywork or health care

Ultimately the creation and support of quality continuing education courses is our goal and we invite you to submit your programs in for assessment and approval. Below, please find downloadable copies of guidelines, application forms and details of payment schedule.

Please send in all application forms or questions to Sue on or call 1300 138 872

* The Approved Provider Program (AP) has undergone extensive review. The program will be renamed to ‘Endorsed Education Activities Program (EEA)’. The EEA Program appraises activities that will extend the learning of the Massage Therapist beyond that as taught within the National HLT curriculum and any State and Territory registered qualifications. Revised documentation will be available to download from the website shortly.  Please contact Sue Gillespie on to request an application form in the meantime.


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